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Our crocheted friends are the most beloved characters which need extra care and keep in the best condition as much as possible. So they don’t get stretched and damaged. 



Hand washing sounds like a lot of work but it is worth it. You should hand wash it to avoid the chance of damaging it, you can clean them with baby wipes. However, it is safe to wash in the washing machine if you want to deep clean it too. Products can be washed in a washing machine on a gentle cycle with hot or cold water. After washing, lay out a small white towel and gently lay your crocheted baby flat on it. You can roll and press it to remove moisture or let it dry by itself, and allow your toy to dry for 2 days. Remember don’t hang it cause it can cause your baby to stretch out of shape. You can dry it in a dryer on a low it, just don’t over dry it because it may start to burn the fiber. 

That’s how to care for your crocheted toy. If you take care of your crocheted stuffed animal, you can keep it new for years.


-Zendy Team.

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