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We are living on the most beautiful plane, Earth. Nature is like a real mother, who never harms us, but always gives us all the resources to live here like water, pure air, food, attractive animals, beautiful flowers, ocean, and more. It is our responsibility to  protect and care for our beautiful nature to make it  peaceful, keep it clean, anf maintain its beauty rather than spoil and damage it. 



Recently, terms like 'going green', 'living green' or 'eco-friendly' are like buzz words everywhere, you can see it on TV, talk shows, commercials. It means our environment is in danger of being lost. Handmade gifts can help to implement the practice that will bring us to healthier living for the planet. Eco-friendly can prevent the contribution of pollution, Furthermore, making a truly environmentally friendly product can keep our living place safe. At a minimum, the product is non-toxic.

Last but not least, not to mention how much appreciated it is, buying a handmade gift is to make your gift sweet and special. Another benefit of buying handmade products is that they are environmentally friendly. Items that are handmade take less energy and resources to produce than mass production items. It is like a promise for a healthier environment and living style.


-Zendy Team.

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