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Starting in 2017, under Jeelook LLC founded by Zoey Tran, we embarked on our journey into the U.S. market, offering a diverse range of handcrafted bamboo and rattan bags, bamboo straws, accessories, handmade leather wallets, and crochet items. Recognizing the distinct appeal and demand for our crochet products, we made the strategic decision to establish a separate brand, Zendy, also founded by Zoey Tran, dedicated solely to showcasing our crochet creations. This evolution occurred in 2020 and continues to shape our presence in the market today.



| Zoey at Zendy's booth, local market |


Most of Zendy’s designs are inspired by real-life photos, personal experiences, and children's drawings. Our soft plush crocheted products are crafted from safe materials, featuring secure eyes, and are made in smoke-free and pet-friendly environments. Explore our products on Instagram, Facebook, and our website.



| Zendy's crochet at local market |

You'll frequently find us at local vendor events, craft shows, night markets, and more. If you spot us, don't hesitate to stop by and say hi! We genuinely enjoy engaging with everyone and sharing our joy.


Zoey and An


| Zoey and An |

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Zendy Designs in Richmond, Virginia, with An joining our team in 2023. This expansion to the U.S. East Coast fills us with anticipation as we envision our delightful crochet creations journeying across the country and beyond.

-Zendy Team.

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